Live Large, Ban Boredom and Work Strong!

Dr. Morgan McArthur is a large-animal veterinarian, an acclaimed international professional speaker, and a Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking who finished five Ironman triathlons after age 40. 

His successes as a BUSINESS UNDERDOG, as a TALENTED SPEAKER and one who believes in LIVING LIFE FOR THE HEALTH OF IT give him credibility with audiences as 'one of them' who knows the trials, value and rewards of focus, commitment and balanced work. 

mm08_hs_r.jpgHis dynamic presentations inspire people to make changes in their personal and professional outlook, improve their health and enlarge their lives.

Dr. McArthur uses a vet’s keen observational skills to find significant meaning in everyday life experiences. His personal stories entertain and sparkle with surprise to reveal how an extraordinary life can be created from ordinary circumstances.

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