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Lighten Up!

It's been many weeks since I started this low-carbohydrate nutrition plan (note the absence of the word 'Diet,' it's a lifestyle now, mate.). I'm convinced that it is The Way To Go.


 Results, first and foremost.

The last time I saw evidence of my abdominal musculature I was incinerating thousands of calories every day in Ironman triathlon training. You can certainly force the fat from your frame when you spend hours doing heavy breathing every day. However, when LIFE interrupts your routine a high volume of exercise isn't always sustainable. In that system, if the exercise slows/stops, it's very difficult to put a whoa on Mr. Appetite and it isn't long before you accumulate middle muscle.

By taming the Insulin Monster I've not only cut carb calories from my daily intake and I'm preferentially burning fat as fuel. Getting lean was never ever this easy. I'm surprised, amazed, and pleased. Best bit: no hunger.

I have loosely followed the South Beach Diet recommendations but haven't really broken out of what is referred to as Phase I. My understanding is that if anything tickles a trickle of insulin into the circulation the exit doors on the fat cells are locked down for several hours, denying the body's use of fat as fuel. Hunger comes knocking in an hour or so.  I've aimed to curb my intake of any carbohydrates to accentuate the lightening of my lard load. The mirror and my waistline reports that it's working.

Is it hard?

Only if I think it is. And I believe that is where many people come off the rails with these plans. Perhaps they don't understand the power that insulin has in either stuffing the cells with fat or, in its absence, allowing the fat to be released for burning. Knowing  that has allowed me to make low-carb/no-carb food choices and get results. Some won't like being 'denied' some of their favorite foods. I'll suggest that years of stuffing our pie holes with fast/easy/sugary/cheap sources of carbofuel has left many of us unknowingly addicted to carbohydrates. I KNOW that I was (and probably still am - now I'm in recovery!). Once I got away from CHO's long enough for my metabolism to normalize, however, I feel different. And fantastic!

If you feel deprived, you will be.

However, if you don't take ownership and responsibility for your choices you're stuck with what you see in the mirror. Like it?

 You can change it. You can feel better, look better, be better. And. It's. Not. Hard.

I did it. You can too. 

 That's food for thought, eh?




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