Live Large, Ban Boredom and Work Strong!

Dr. Morgan McArthur is a large-animal veterinarian, an acclaimed international professional speaker, and a Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking who finished five Ironman triathlons after age 40. 

His successes as a BUSINESS UNDERDOG, as a TALENTED SPEAKER and one who believes in LIVING LIFE FOR THE HEALTH OF IT give him credibility with audiences as 'one of them' who knows the trials, value and rewards of focus, commitment and balanced work. 

mm08_hs_r.jpgHis dynamic presentations inspire people to make changes in their personal and professional outlook, improve their health and enlarge their lives.

Dr. McArthur uses a vet’s keen observational skills to find significant meaning in everyday life experiences. His personal stories entertain and sparkle with surprise to reveal how an extraordinary life can be created from ordinary circumstances.

a small entrepreneurial company, Ancare NZ Ltd., become the leading veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer in New Zealand – triumphing against all the multinational giants in that market. His innovative presentation style makes technical topics understandable, memorable and fun. He was a lightning rod for Ancare's hottest customer complaints and he teaches about how to deliver loyalty-earning, rise-above, extra-mile customer service.

TALENTED SPEAKER  Morgan bested over 10,000 other speakers to become Toastmasters International’s World Champion of Public Speaking in 1994. The National Speakers Association of New Zealand awarded him the Spirit of Excellence award – their highest accolade. He was an adjunct lecturer at Massey University (NZ). He has spoken in six countries and half of the states in the USA. His favorite compliment came after a very difficult speech - when someone asked him “How much would you charge to give a eulogy like that at my funeral?"

LIVING LIFE FOR THE HEALTH OF IT  Morgan understands the challenge of getting and staying fit. He rolled off the couch at age 40, traded fatness for fitness and committed to a sustainable program of lifelong health and fitness. He has since completed five Ironman triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run – in one day). In his talk about ”Eight Simple Words,” he teaches how we can have top-shelf health, look-good-in-our-clothes confidence and quality of life through sound nutrition, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle.

In addition to the above, he’s an… interesting fellow. Morgan’s life path has more zigs and zags than Frankenstein’s appendectomy scar.

Morgan can talk fast if need be – he graduated from the Western College of Auctioneering. He vanquished fear on an Outward Bound course, made a ten-story bungee jump and has his private pilot’s license. He has cheated death three times:  once when diagnosed with thyroid cancer, again with a blood clot in his lung and a third time after eating a triple-hot Thai chicken curry dish prepared by his sister.

He lived in New Zealand for a decade. He can crack two bullwhips at the same time. Morgan owns six bicycles and a unicycle, but can only ride one at a time. He achieved a childhood dream with a ride in a rare P-40 Kittyhawk WWII fighter plane. He creates to-die-for barbecue. Morgan drove an 18-wheeler semi loaded with 220 hogs from Canada to Idaho — once.

Morgan still writes letters by hand using a fountain pen. He is in love with the girl he took to his high school prom in a small Wisconsin town. He counts his mother and sister as two of his best friends.

Morgan McArthur is a different sort of guy and a different sort of speaker. He believes that in his life - and most people's - that the small stuff is the big stuff. He believes that our lives are enriched by choosing challenge, growing our connections and seeking the good in bad situations.

People like hearing what he has to say and they enjoy how he says it.

Most importantly, they do good stuff with it afterward.

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