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Stand up and Shout

Press promotion from the book "Stand Up and Shout! -  Kiwi Success Unplugged"

In 1994 Dr Morgan McArthur became the first veterinarian to ever win the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking title. People everywhere remember the Morgan McArthur experience. Whether it be as an audience member at one of his unforgettable speeches or one-on-one over a coffee, your life will be enriched in some way.

As a veterinarian he practised for more than 13 years in the cowboy culture of the American west. He joined Toastmasters in 1987 to improve his public-speaking skills. The same drive and focus that propelled him into veterinary school (against all odds, but that's another story) took him to the finals in the prestigious world championship. In 1993 he earned second place. In 1994 he returned to win the title, each time against 30,000 competitors worldwide.

His rich material is drawn from his own life experiences. Audiences and individuals alike can easily relate to him. The thing that makes McArthur different is his extraordinary ability to find higher meaning in his experiences and the way he vividly and masterfully weaves his messages with his stories.

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