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Building Balance in a Wobbly World

Stop spinning and start winning your life back by taming stress

Working too hard is too easy in today’s world. Hyperconnectivity, information overload, achieving more with less – these are part of today’s formula for success. But what is the personal cost of this need to succeed? Balance. Quality of life. Health. Dr. Morgan McArthur reveals practical strategies that provide refreshment, recovery and restoration to counteract the wearing effects of The Grind without compromising productivity. Take a dose of medicine from a man whose motto is ‘If it isn’t fun, it shouldn’t be done’ and you’ll not only play more but you’ll work better.

Unleash your hidden talents:

Live Large, Ban Boredom and Work Strong 

Most of us live and work well short of our capacity. In this dynamic program Dr. Morgan McArthur shows how to crack out of the ‘comfort cocoon’ to discover and unleash your hidden talents. Busting boundaries on three big limiters – Challenge, Connections and Calamity – can make your days more fulfilling, your lives richer and your work more meaningful. Prepare to be awakened, shaken, then equipped to deal with one of humankind’s most difficult challenges - CHANGE.  You will see yourself and your life through new eyes after this presentation!

"Eight Simple Words"
Transform your habits, transform your health, transform your life

The adage goes ‘it’s not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.’ Too true. Eight inspiring words pulled Dr. Morgan McArthur off the couch and into a new body at age 40. When he faced the crossroads of fatness or fitness Morgan chose the latter and his life has never been the same.  In two years he went from soft and sluggish to Ironman triathlete. Hear the story of how eight words changed one man’s life and can also change yours. You will learn how to get the most out of your body every hour of every day.

Mining for Gold in Everyday Moments

Create impact in sales, marketing and presentations using powerful storytelling

Effective persuasion, memorable marketing and powerful presentations have one thing in common - Story. Wars are waged, campaigns are won, juries are swayed and companies succeed with compelling stories. Events do not shape our lives. Our interpretation of those events does. World Champion speaker Dr. Morgan McArthur shows the secrets of seeing, saying and selling with stories from everyday life. He asks ‘What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll remember your message?’  Um, isn’t that the objective? This program will make a dramatic difference in how you craft powerful presentations.  



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