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“We’ve had nothing but rave reviews following your presentation to our General Session in Denver. We were very impressed with you and your message. Your ability to engage each member of an audience of over 3,000 people was remarkable. Everyone we’ve spoken with told us that they felt you were speaking directly to them. The Denver meeting was the largest and one of the most successful in the history of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Your presentation added to the success.”

Michael Walters
Director, Communications Division
American Veterinary Medical Association
“We wish to extend a sincere Thank You for the outstanding presentations you gave at our Celebration of Safety Week events. We are still hearing from our employees how impacting your message was. We especially like the way you tied the ‘Health’ back into ‘Safety & Health.’ Your description of bad health being an accident in slow motion really hit home with a lot of folks. With nearly 6,500 employees here at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, it showed great talent to be able to present to groups 1,000 at a time. Your willingness to go strong for two days was impressive.”

Walt Sullivan
Director, Integrated Safety Management
Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC
“We have just had our South Island Farm Managers Conference, which was an outstanding success. Morgan McArthur’s address was exceptional. His message on our attitude to change was very timely and will prove to be a great help to us as we are in the midst of rolling out a new farm information system.”

Ian Hercus
South Island Manager
Landcorp Farming Ltd (largest farming enterprise in New Zealand)

“A big thank you for helping to make our annual Assistant Principals’ Conference successful. It is important that our assistant principals have the opportunity to be inspired and motivated to do bigger and better things for themselves and their schools. You were able to bring this to our conference for them.”

Jan Toner, Associate Executive Director
The Association of Washington School Principals

“Morgan is truly inspirational and very uplifting – his strong messages and themes were relevant not only to the business environment but equally to one’s personal life. He provided real life examples tying in our business with a wonderful sense of humour. His presentation was truly unforgettable."

Vanessa Stoddart
General Manager HR/Org Change
Air New Zealand

“A HUGE thank you for your presentation to our farmers last week. Your approach was fantastic – they were lapping up every word and literally eating out of your hand. To hear the guffawing and giggling of the audience from a normally sedate, serious and stoical group on a normally matter-of-fact subject was exhilarating. Everyone was on a high at the end – the room was buzzing!”

Dr. Mike Lintott
Carlyle Veterinary Clinic
Napier, New Zealand

 “Your presentation was one of the best keynote presentations I have ever heard. Our profession needs role models that speak on the positive aspects of veterinary medicine and relate to the public how mujch good veterinarians do for society. We also need someone from our own ranks that can instill in us professional pride. There is no doubt that you’re on the right course to fulfill a great need for our profession and our modern society.”

Dr. Bill Kearley
President, Idaho Veterinary Medical Association

“There is no way to adequately express the impact and value of your presentation to our members. It is obvious why you earned the title “World Champion of Public Speaking” – you exemplify the apex of what speaking could and should be. Any speaker at any level of competence would learn an immense amount simply by experiencing you.”

Sharon Shannon
Founder, Oregon Speakers Association

“Your job was to provide an entertaining session at our seminars throughout the country. We weren’t expecting what we got. Our audiences laughed so hard that you brought tears to their eyes. Our audiences really appreciated how you empathized with the highs and lows of everyday life and made people feel good about themselves. Our staff were impressed for the way you unexpectedly highlighted their efforts to work with our customers.”

Richard Coory
Rural Marketing Manager
ANZ Bank

“Your talk on Intensive Care was informative and entertaining. I was impressed with your professional yet relaxed delivery. The topics covered in your talk were in line with the values of our firm – supporting a balanced lifestyle and learning to look after the whole person. I received a lot of positive feedback from the Partners following your presentation.”

John Judge
Chief Executive
Ernst &Young NZ Ltd.

 “Once again your ability to story tell to bring your message alive was second to none – and post-lunch on day two the tendency for the old conference ‘nod-off’ was never there for any of the audience. You have energy in abundance, messages that relate to all people and a presenting flamboyance that I only wish I could emulate.”

Michelle Lawson
General Manager
Visique Optometrists Group Ltd.

“The review of comments and critiques of the folks that attended our meeting seconded my evaluation of your presentation. It was purely and clearly excellent. Our board quickly voted to retain you for the meeting two years hence – we have never brought a speaker back twice. Your performance was moving and memorable. In the months following your keynote the messages are still there. Thank you for makig our meeting the ‘best yet.’

Robert H. Weis
Past Chairman
Intermountain Section – Institute of Food Technologists

“The way you molded your presentation around our business made it a great success. Our farmers really appreciated your great sense of humor and message of hope and optimism you left them with. With farming being as tough as it is we had many positive comments about your talk. It left everyone energized with humor and a sense that their problems aren’t quite as big as they thought they were.”

Steve Gapp
Regional Manager
Western Farm Service

“I want to congratulate you on a fantastic keynote presentation at our Annual Convention. You received rave reviews from our attendees – the best we’ve seen for a keynoter in some time. Not only did you deliver a good message they needed to hear, but you did it in a very entertaining and polished manner. I would give you the highest of recommendations.”

David L. Foley
Executive Director
American Association of Equine Practitioners

“Thank you for a most amazing after-dinner presentation at our mid-term dinner last week. The 120 leadership team members were captivated from the moment you started out until their standing ovation at the end. In particular I would like to thank you for taking time to personalize your material – it was great that such an entertaining presentation was able to be tailored in a way that it fit perfectly into the theme of the evening and reinforced the message I wanted to get across.”

Graham Southwell
National Director
Business Networking International (NZ)

“Right from the opening line of your performance you hit the bullseye – dead center. I haven’t laughed so much in years. The way you were able to portray everyday ‘normal’ events in a context of hilarity added real strength to the messages about communication. I acknowledge the effort you put into preparation for the evening. Our delegates were very impressed with the excellent rapport you showed in regard to the work our team does on a day-to-day basis.”

Garry Boon
National Maintenance Manager
Housing New Zealand Corporation

“We all appreciate hearing your humorous approach to life. But top be able to be entertained by humor and leave with an important message as well is giving us much more than we bargained for! Many of our attendees commented how much they enjoyed your part of the program. Thanks again for bringing us such a powerful and useful message.”

Kathy McBride
Program Chair
Intermountain Section of Institute of Food Technologists

“Morgan is an absolutely incredible speaker. Not just because he is entertaining, witty and able to keep the audience’s attention for the whole session, but because he tailored his address to fit in with the whole conference programme. He gave us something worthwhile and meaningful to leave with – it wasn’t just a ‘good time.’ It capped off the day on a high note and left everyone feeling excited about what lay ahead for the next day.”

Graeme Austin
National Sales Manager
Genetic Technologies Ltd (NZ)

“I could not believe how quickly the 60 minutes disappeared during your talk! I was fortunate to hear you speak at the American Veterinary Medical Association Leadership conference earlier this year. Your stories differed from those presented at that meeting and were very appropriate for our audience. I went from tears of sorrow for your father’s situation to tears of laughter with the sheep shearing tale! You inspired us to have courage, to be challenged and to change.”

Dr. Patty Scharko, DVM, MPH
Past President
American Association of Bovine Practitioners

“Your speech was designed to motivate the members of our national team. Your ideas were presented in such an entertaining manner that you captured the attention of everyone present. It would be true to say that your speech bordered on being a comedy performance of the highest caliber, yet the key messages were clear and concise. Your wit and insight were appreciated by all.”

John Sandford
General Manager
Jason Publishing Co. Ltd. (NZ)

“Your powerful way of emphasizing the important and motivating issues found in the events that define people’s lives were both touching and humorous. Through your carefully spun imagery punctuated with timely sound effects, we followed your stories about fear, embarrassment and life’s challenges and we were moved to look a little more closely at our own lives. Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories thank you for an outstanding presentation.”

Bill Robertson
Program Coordinator
Los Alamos National Laboratory

“Your willingness to spend time with me and others at Carter Holt Harvey in the weeks prior to the conference, learning the issues and problems facing the company definitely made a difference in your presentation. You were able to draw a number of parallels in your analogies which really brought your message home to our people in a memorable and meaningful way.”

Jay Goodenbour
Chief Operating Officer
Carter Holt Harvey Ltd. (NZ)

“We are now faced with a real dilemma – how do we come close to matching your performance at next year’s conference?”

Warren Morritt
General Manager
Intelact Nutrition Ltd (NZ)

“THANKS VERY MUCH for presenting at our November meeting on Using Stories to Sell. You are a master storyteller and the practical information you shared through funny, entertaining stories was ‘right on the button.’ Our audience left the room buzzing with ideas and the feedback has been excellent.”

Dayna Bradley
Executive Director
Sales & Marketing Executives International (NZ)



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